Keep it sweet: Three tips for storing your confectionery

Whether you buy confectionery in bulk for business, fundraising or personal use, freshness is vital to enjoying a delectable sweet treat. To help you keep your sweets fresher for longer, check out these three handy confectionery storage tips:

Choose the right container

When it comes to storing anything long term, the quality of your storage containers is key. If you're planning to store your confectionery in glass jars, purchase quality jars equipped with tight-sealing lids. While you may be tempted to buy massive glass jars for the sheer beauty of display, this may not be ideal for long-term storage. The larger the container, the more air circulation and the shorter shelf life. Opt for smaller glass jars for both display and optimal long-term storage.

Alternatively, sealed plastic bags are a very cost-effective storage solution for your confectionery- purchase thick, quality snap-lock bags with a double seal, and make sure you press all the air out of the bag before storing. This method is ideal for soft confectionery such as gummies and jellies- for chocolate, caramels and hard candy, store in packaging similar to how it was purchased for the longest shelf life.

Consider temperature control

When it comes to extending the life of your confectionery, ideal storage temperatures are really key to longevity. While most confectionery is shelf stable and can happily be stored at room temperature, you may need to consider colder storage over the summer months if you live in a very hot location. Choosing a dry, dark and cool location, away from direct sunlight and moisture, will ensure your confectionery remains tasty and fresh for its maximum shelf life. Dark chocolate can be stored in foil in a dark, dry and cool location for up to two years, while soft lollies can last for 12 months and caramels for 9-12 months with proper care.

High turnover versus long-term storage

It's really important when purchasing bulk quantities of confectionery to consider your turnover rate. If you're planning a once-off wholesale purchase for fundraising purposes, take the time to calculate the volume of confectionery you really require- throwing out 10 kg of spoiled candy isn't going to help raise funds! If you have ongoing confectionery sales, work out how much you sell within the optimal freshness period, and only purchase as much as you need. High turnover means the greatest freshness for your customers, and customer satisfaction is a wonderful way to increase repeat sales!

For more information and advice on storing your confectionery for maximum shelf life and taste, chat with a wholesale lolly supplies distributor.