Everything You Should Know About Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers provide beautiful decorations to the Christmas table. They combine perfectly with not only Christmas celebrations but also all the festive table settings. The crackers come in a wide array of designs and colours, such as silver, gold, red and more. In this guide, we will tell you more about Christmas crackers.

What are Christmas crackers?

Christmas crackers are table decorations used during Christmas and other festive occasions. The crackers consist of a cardboard tube that is covered by two strips of card. The first strip has a fine sandpaper coating, which creates friction when the users pull the cracker. The second strip contains silver fulminate, which is a highly sensitive chemical compound. The friction heats the silver on the second strip, thus causing a loud bang and explosion. 

How to use a cracker

To open a Christmas cracker, two people sitting in the opposite direction of the dining table hold the sides of the tube. They pull it until the cracker opens. Since each person is left with a piece of the tube, the person holding the larger piece wins.

Typically the cracker contains a joke or a riddle, a small plastic toy, and a part of tissue paper crown. On most occasions, people pop the crackers before eating the Christmas dinner. You cannot predict who will win in the Christmas cracker, but you can maximize your chances of winning by using these tips:

  • Avoid twisting because you can stress the cracker wrapping
  • Use a strong, two-handed grip
  • Hold the cracker at a relatively lower level than your rival so that it can tilt downwards, increasing your probability of winning

Types of crackers

Many kinds of Christmas crackers vary in terms of size, shape, colour, material and price. Before you buy, note down the exact specifications and preferences you have so that your supplier can bring you what you expected.

Where you can buy Christmas crackers

You can find Christmas crackers in many parts of Australia, as there are many specialty shops and department stores which provide the crackers. However, when purchasing the crackers, it is advisable to look for a reputable supplier. An experienced supplier understands all types of crackers well, and will, therefore, provide you with the best. Plus, a wholesaler selling the crackers will provide you with Christmas crackers in bulk, which is relatively cheaper than purchasing them one by one. All that you need to do is to conduct your due diligence to select the best. 

Crackers provide an exciting and colourful way to start a celebration. They also familiarize the participants with each other before the celebration begins. Grace your next celebration with Christmas crackers, and you will have more fun.

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